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Magic Beyond

I'm going to start running a twice-monthly real-time RPG online. I'm not quite sure when it will start yet - probably late February or early March, after Sanzo's born and things have stabilized. I've already got the campaign introduction set up and applications are open.

It's a high-magic setting. Most of what I've written is little more than taking Pathfinder magic to its logical extreme. Kinda like the idea behind Eberron, but not as dark.

What I'm concerned about is, I've never run a high-magic setting like this before, and I may not have thought out all the implications. I'd like to invite people to look this over and pester me about, "If they have so much magic, why don't they x?" or "If they have so many people, how to they y?" so that I can polish off any rough edges before I start recruiting in earnest.

Magic Beyond Campaign Reference (comments open)


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