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Kaylee 2, South Dakota

We had breakfast soft tacos for dinner the other night, because we had a lot of eggs we needed to get through and also that's just how we roll sometimes. Kaylee loves tortillas and anything in them.

Kaylee picks up her taco with one hand. "Two hands!" she says enthusiastically.
Promptly dumps out contents of taco onto plate. Eats empty tortilla with delight.
"'Tia!" she demands, reaching for another full taco from the serving dish. We gently suggest she eat the eggs and sausage from her first taco, now cooling on her plate. Kaylee voices the opinion that this is a bad idea and that suggesting it is a major tragedy.
"'Tia!" she screams. I fetch her an empty tortilla. She again announces that this course of action is wholly inadequate and probably the worst thing that has ever happened.
I take the empty tortilla from her hand, scoop the spilled contents of the first taco into it, and hand it back to her as a full taco.
"Two hands!" she announces, gripping the taco with one hand.
Promptly dumps out contents of taco onto plate. Eats empty tortilla with delight.

Stephanie's paternal grandmother passed away the other week. We drove to South Dakota to attend the funeral. We celebrated Kaylee's second birthday the night before leaving because we were going to be on the road on her birthday. Then Stephanie's parents had a little birthday celebration for her when we arrived, late evening in South Dakota. Then the night before we left to come home, we observed Stephanie's mother's birthday while the whole family was there, so it's just been birthday, birthday, birthday.

Kaylee is a more stereotypical toddler girl than Emma was. She has big tantrums about every two weeks, shows interest in roleplaying with dolls and stuffed animals. Mostly, though, she's into stacking things and doing whatever Emma's doing.


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