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School Bureaucracy

A few years ago I took anatomy and physiology at Central Virginia Community College in preparation to apply to the radiography program before I learned that you can't do the radiography program through any combination of night and online classes. I had them read in my BYU transcript, but at the time I was 'not a degree-seeking student' so they did the quick version.

I switch to Northern Virginia Community College's electrical engineering program because I can do it online, and since it's all part of the Virginia Community College System, I don't have to deal with transferring or transcripts. But they still only have the skimmed evaluation of my BYU transcript, so I have to fight with someone every time I sign up for a class because they can't be sure that a BA in Humanities is equivalent to having taken first-year English composition. Now that I am a degree-seeking student and I've discovered that this is the root of the problem, I've done the paperwork to have a full evaluation of my transcripts done, and I shouldn't have to do this again.

I have some computer knowledge, my engineering program suggests I should be able to get into a class that improves my birds:stones ratio without prerequisites, but the course catalog begs to differ.

Advisor gives me the email of the dean in charge of the program, tells me he's in charge of deciding whether to let me into the class.

I write an email detailing a bit about what I do and don't know about computers. He says it "sounds like you have some engineering experience" [snrk] but it's not his decision, ask the guy who actually knows about computers and engineering.

Guy who actually knows about computes and engineering says sounds good, but he can't give me permission because the computer science classes are in the school of business [?!], so ask him.

Guy in the school of business says sounds good, go ask my administrative assistant to make it so.

I'm taking 13 credits this summer, which I think officially makes me a full-time student for the first time in just over 10 years. I've finally got enough prerequisites out of the way that I can take two or three required classes at a time, and once my transcripts kick in I shouldn't have to worry about generals any more. After this summer, I have 29 credits left to go (possibly fewer), so I should be able to complete my AS by August 2017 and transfer to Old Dominion University to finish my BS.


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All of that run-around they are giving you seems to be a bunch of BS...

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