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The Friday Five for February 17, 2017
1. Do you take any daily prescription medications?

No, but I'm supposed to. There's been a series of flubs between my doctor, my insurance, my pharmacy, and me, so I've been off my cholesterol medication for months.

2. Do you take any daily OTC (over the counter) medications?

No. I have taken fish oil and melatonin regularly, but I've lapsed.

3. Do you take vitamins?

Not as regularly as I should. I'm chronically vitamin D deficient.

4. When you are sick, do you take OTC remedies or immediately go to your doctor?

Usually OTC. Things have got to be pretty bad for me to take myself to a doctor. Not because I have a problem with them, just a time/money/convenience thing.

5. Do you take aspirin?

Not generally. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are my go-to drugs for that sort of thing.

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I think that doctors over prescribe these days. Mine tried to put me on high blood pressure when I don't even have it. I finally stopped. He also gave me medicine that would have been harmful had I taken it. I'm getting a new doctor.

Fun fact: doctors have always and do always both overprescribe and underprescribe at the same time.

If someone's getting assigned medication they don't need, that's overprescription.

If someone's not getting assigned medicine they do need, that's underprescription.

And since doctors are human and not perfect, both of these errors happen all the time, and have never stopped happening since one person first told another person to chew a leaf.

So it's actually kind of nonsensical to say, "doctors over prescribe these days," because of course they do.

It might be useful to say, "doctors overprescribe more than they used to," or, "doctors are more likely to overprescribe than underprescribe," but overprescription and underprescription are really difficult problems to measure and/or correct because you'd essentially have to second opinion everything and ain't no one got time for that. But anecdotal evidence is certainly not terribly compelling.

'Lapsed' is a good word. I am trying to decide if it better than plain forgetful, which is my problem *g*

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